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By the way, we know that Gemini and Mercurial men can remain trapped in the Peter Pan syndrome, Uday certainly was a Puer Aeternus, in the darkest side of the archetype, thence he died young and tragically.

Uday Hussein was hated by most of Iraqis; allegedly he had abused, tortured, raped and killed many people. His irresponsible and wild behaviour made his father take Qusay (the younger so) more seriously, so Uday seems to have been in need of a real brother; when he had to have a double, he remembered Latif, a former classmate who everybody said resembled him, so Uday chose him and made him undergo some surgery to achieve a complete resemblance. Although he gave Latif no choice and treated him like a slave, the film insists on the emotional demand Uday had on his double, he wanted to be accepted and loved as a brother. This may account for the lack of acceptance and recognition from his father image.

As anybody can imagine, Saddam was a terrible and castrating father image; according to the story, at one point in Uday’s career of misdemeanours, Saddam is supposed to have attempted to castrate him physically while Uday was recovering in hospital. The public murdering of one of Saddam’s closest friends by Uday could be interpreted, from a Freudian perspective, as a killing of his own father image. The fact that Latif had a loving father, who went so far as to give his own life for his son, must have provoked enormous envy in Uday; Latif survived, escaped from Iraq, wrote a book, got married, and lives nowadays in Britain.

 The association of these two Gemini is extremely intricate, both Latif and Uday function as a pair of opposites; the former can stand for the bright side of Gemini and the latter for the dark side. The connection goes deeper than a simple game of contraries; Uday clearly represents Latif’s Shadow, his wicked unconscious side, but the good guy also represents Uday’s own unconscious side, his non expressed goodness, sensibility and moral capacity. This is an outstanding example of what the Shadow is; it basically represents the archetype of what we cannot express, the other extreme of the spectrum we ought to contact and recognize in order to become wholeness. Under this archetypal perspective, Latif needed Uday as much a Uday needed Latif, one mirrored the other; if we include each Shadow, there were two Latifs and two Udays, a real quartet.

The 1964-1965 generation had Saturn (the Shadow) opposing a conjunction of Pluto-Uranus; a muddled and enigmatic, unfathomable aspect. On the one hand, the association of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo imposes a radical transformation in the system and coherence of our modern society; on the other, Saturn in Pisces tends to prevent, delay and make the process rather confusing. Sure, the association with Neptune’s sign eventually helps Saturn to turn chaos into wholeness and connectivity, but this path to compassion might be incredibly painful. Hence we can see the illusion of power (Saddam’s regime and his son’s excesses are all vanished) represented by Pluto and Saturn; oil, a plutonian energy was one of the motives of this war for which the USA has had to pay too high a price.

Here comes Lee Tamahori, a versatile film director of Maori ancestry involved in directing ‘The Devil’s Double’, a very tempting theme and project for a Gemini. Lee Tamahori captured the fascinating intricacies of the story, he knew that many of the situations and facts Latif’s book describes could not be proved, there is still not enough historical distance to be objective about Saddam’s regime, so, this director chose to make a sort of fictional gangster movie.Tamahori’s Sun conjuncts Uday’s (as well as Latif’s), the identification with this extreme expression of Gemini archetype must have been straight forward since the beginning of the endeavour; besides, Tamahori’s Moon in Cancer makes him very sensitive to the emotional and family nuances of the story and its characters. Tamahori’s Saturn in Virgo opposing Uday’s and Latif’s Saturn in Pisces represents a sort of mission to order and compose a meaningful tale of their lives.

As for Dominic Cooper, he is a talented versatile young thespian; his performance in this movie has become a classic example of how to act radical opposite characters as a reflexion of each other. In a BBC interview, Cooper declared that he had to switch from one character to another, from one scene to another; whenever he was acting the bad guy he had to keep remembering what the good guy was feeling; same when he was playing the good guy, he could not lose track of what the evil Uday was feeling. I think this technique allowed him to integrate each opposite characters in his own psyche; thus the potential schizophrenia of his Gemini nature was surpassed.

According to his chart, he must share, in an infinitesimal part, some common traits with Latif and Uday; Dominic Cooper might be a sort of womanizer with his Jupiter Venus conjunction; he also has a certain problem of identity with his Saturn Mars conjunction in Leo plus an opposition of Neptune to his Sun in Gemini (his parents divorced and his father was a distant figure). Nevertheless, the creativity of his performance and the choice of radically contradictory personalities work as a healing process to integrate his psyche. Recently he appeared in a funny Hollywood movie, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’, where he plays a good vampire who fight the creatures of darkness. So, as long as this talented actor keeps himself out of any kind of addiction, he can have a brilliant career and a good life.

These four Gemini involved in this marvellous synchronicity, each with his own complementary opposite, make a group of eight; and if we insisted, we could develop and multiply the game of mirrors, a very Mercurial expression of the contradictions and dualities of human nature; we all reflect each other, here and there, Gemini or not Gemini. Each one of these four individuals had the Moon is a different element: Uday in air, Latif in fire, Lee Tamahori in water, and Dominic Copper in earth (he incarnated his character in a concrete and sensual way). This reunion of the four elements also integrates this archetypal expression in a Mandala.(the end)

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